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I’m passionate about helping others reach their goals. I know how important it is to have an accountability partner. I’ve been that person to others and would love to help transform you into that amazing, powerful and unstoppable person that I know is somewhere screaming to make an appearance! Step out and be great!


What can you get from me?

Through life-coaching women can find their purpose and how to better themselves, through:

  • self-esteem boosting,

  • finding confidence,

  •  believing in themselves and their abilities

  • importance of health and wellness



Empowering Circle has been a big help I'm my life. Being around other women and Penny has help with with things in my life that I have gone through and they showed me the way to keeping my head up and having a better life.

-  Teyona Morgan

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Penny! She’s such an amazing soul. She was always there for me when I needed her when I was in high school. She was one of the people in my life that made me see how truly special I was. She helped me see my worth. I owe a lot to her. Not only was she my mentor but she was like a mom to me.

- Lynnette Chism


I moved here from Memphis, TN when I was a freshman with my parents and siblings. Being the youngest of ten I played a big roll in my family. One of my older brother’s had a heart attack when I was nine years old,I knew that I would have to be selfless in order for my brother to have a good functional life. With my brother being handicapped I couldn’t do what normal teens did. Which caused a lot of stress on me, and made it super hard to focused in high school. I had no one to express this to! I remembered I used to pray ,and ask God to send me someone or just a place I could express myself ,and just tell somebody what’sgoing on in my home . My Jr. year my prayers was answered. The Queens group came to Armstrong. I believed now I 

had a safe place to express myself, get support, and release all the stress that I had weighing on me since I was 9yrs old. Because of the Queens Group I was able to survive high school, passed with more credits than I needed, and learned the tools to get through any stressful situations that may occur in the future. I am forever grateful for The Queens Group!

-Shaqueelah Griffin

“You are the sole creator of your own universe, the architect of your life.”