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Meet Penny Jones

I am a Consultant and Life/Transformation Coach, who has helped to transform the lives of individuals through my coaching practice in Minnesota. I have been coaching women for over ten years and I am known as the “The Queen of Self-Esteem”. The women who seek out coaching from me are in the process of transforming their lives in some way. I help women see to see themselves as winners by helping to build their self esteem, build their businesses which in turn helps to change the way they process their own individual growth. There are levels of transformation and I guide women to understand how to develop that understanding.

I’ve been in national radio, contributing writer for Black Life Coaches, and also was had my own column in a local African American newspaper here in the Twin Cities.I am also a Motivational Speaker and published Author. I am asked to speak to empower and inspire women. My books are based on how to change and grow. My books can be purchased on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. 

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